New CMS evaluation shows TYPO3 budgets and market shares for Germany

These figures should be very interesting for all TYPO3 experts. According to the website, TYPO3 has a market share of about 6% and the budget for TYPO3 freelancers is much lower than the budget for agencies. The evaluation is based on currently 7306 declared CMS in the last 12 months*.

TYPO3 freelancers are much cheaper than agencies

The average budget spent on TYPO3 projects with a freelancer is around €2560, while agencies spend an average of €7930 on a TYPO3 project. The average spent budget for WordPress is around 2290 € and for TYPO3 around 5900 €, measured by freelancers and agencies together.

Good position, even with low market share

According to the evaluation, the market share of WordPress is 70%, while TYPO3 has only 6%. Nevertheless, TYPO3 is on average above other systems such as Joomla, or Drupal with only 1% market share.

View study (German): CMS Market Shares & CMS Budgets

Note: Since the website is not encrypted by HTTPS, I do not link the URL, sorry.


*Updated: 15.2.2021


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