Complex asset management software with TYPO3

For our customer VOORTMANN GmbH & Co. KG Steuerungstechnik I developed a complex asset management software as TYPO3-Extension. The system manages over 30,000 nested records in a 3-level hierarchy. The company thus offers its customers a platform for the search and analysis of datasets for industrial machines.

Features of the asset management software

  • 100% programmed with TYPO3 and Extbase
  • Manages over 30,000 records that are updated daily
  • Frontend-Customer-Login
  • Auto-import function (scheduler task) for system data from external source
  • Custom search for different types of records
  • Sortable tables in the frontend
  • PDF export for records in the frontend
  • Administration for file attachments / downloads


Technical possibilities of TYPO3 fully exhausted

The Extbase framework proves that large amounts of data are not really a problem. Rather, it depends on the performance of the web server, whether the large amount of data can be processed quickly.

With TYPO3 (almost) everything is possible

This example shows that TYPO3 is not only suitable for multilingual websites. It can also be used to develop complex intranet or customer areas as well as backends for apps or other web applications. The functionality of the Enterprise CMS goes far beyond just creating websites.