Welcome to Textile, the Markdown Editor for TYPO3!

Why MARKDOWN in the TYPO3 backend, isn’t the Richtext editor much better?

With the integrated markdown parser “Textile”, even more complex articles can be rendered. Of course, Markdown is not suitable for every editor. But many developers and editors of software documentation should already know and prefer Markdown.


  • Provides a new content element of type “Markdown” wich lets you create Textile Markdown language code
  • Provides a handy ViewHelper for your own extensions!
  • Based on the “Textile” Markdown parser: https://textile-lang.com/

For Developers

The extension creates a new content element called Markdown. In the program codes, the content element (CType) is called textile. The markup content is written in the bodytext field of the tt_content table. Just like a text content element. This also enables easy switching between normal rich text content and markdown content.

In the frontend, the markdown content is rendered by the integrated ViewHelper. You simply pass the ViewHelper any string or markup text as an argument.

How to use Markdown ViewHelper in your custom extension

The Markdown ViewHelper was developed as part of an intranet application with TYPO3. It is ideal for custom extensions that allow users to produce formatted content. Like a forum, a comment function or a social media platform. All you have to do is install the extension and integrate 2 lines of code into your fluid templates.

// Usage of Textile ViewHelper in your extension or fluid template
{namespace textile=SIMONKOEHLER\Textile\ViewHelpers}
<f:textile.parse content="{content}">


composer require simonkoehler/textile