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TYPO3 Extension Overview

Extensions / Plugins for the TYPO3 CMS developed by Simon Köhler

URL-Slug Editor (slug)

The Slug extension saves the SEO manager of a TYPO3 website massive amounts of work time, thanks to bulk editing of URLs and other page settings.

Timeline Content Element (ce_timeline)

This TYPO3 extension provides the backend editor with a new content element that can be used to create chronologically sorted visual timelines.

Showcase (showcase)

This TYPO3 extension provides a plugin to display categorized portfolios and showcases.

Website Counter (ce_counter)

Custom content element for animated JavaScript Counter in your frontend. Easy to install, does not require any libraries or other extensions.

Font Awesome Icons (faicon)

This TYPO3 extension adds a selection menu for Font Awesome icons to the page properties. The list of icons is loaded directly from the included Font Awesome library.

Textile Markup Content Element (textile)

With the integrated markdown parser “Textile”, even more complex articles can be rendered. Of course, Markdown is not suitable for every editor.

Modal Windows (modals)

Provides dynamic modal windows for any website.