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Slug Backend Module (slug)

The Slug backend module is designed to help manage large amounts of slugs for pages and extension records. Currently, it provides a simple list for pages and custom records, which can be filtered with different parameters. Slugs can be edited and saved quickly and efficiently. The modules regenerate or save all slugs of the current list view with just one click. I have tested the functionality with 500 empty news records so far, without any problem.


  • Massive time saver for SEO people who work with large TYPO3 sites
  • Quickly edit, save and regenerate slugs for TYPO3 pages
  • Can edit your custom extensions slugs, too
  • Mass generation and storage of news slugs (up to 500 at once)
  • List views filterable with different parameters
  • Search engine entry Preview for pages, displays the updated slug as you type
  • Uses TYPO3 core slug generation functions
  • Extension configuration for default values like sorting, entries per page etc.



  • For Composer use the command composer require koehlersimon/slug
  • Download the latest version here: or install it with the extension manager of your TYPO3 installation
  • No further configuration is required, but you should delete all the backend caches after installation to make sure the extension is working properly.

Download & Source Code