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Why hire a TYPO3 Freelancer?

That's why you should work with TYPO3 Freelancer Simon Köhler:

  • cost-effective due to the location in Panama
  • years of daily experience as a TYPO3 freelancer
  • always up to date, currently TYPO3 version 11
  • expert in backend and frontend development
  • very creative and solution oriented
  • trained media designer with IHK degree


TYPO3 Services Overview

TYPO3 Updates

Professional TYPO3 updates with customizations of existing extensions if needed. Annual contract with monthly fixed price for stress-free, cost-effective and calculable TYPO3 updates.

TYPO3 Extensions

Would you like to have a plugin or a complex backend extension programmed? TYPO3 Freelancer Simon Köhler has many years of development experience with Extbase and PHP, and already programmed hundreds of extensions for TYPO3.

TYPO3 Themes

Development of clean and fast frontend templates for TYPO3. Backend and frontend in perfect interaction, thanks to the use of Core Functions and Custom Content Elements. High PageSpeed-values and code-quality, through professional Theming with SASS.

TYPO3 interfaces and APIs

Use the TYPO3 backend as an interface between website and company. Simon Köhler has developed numerous applications that were connected to TYPO3 through third-party software or interfaces.

Mobile App Backends

The TYPO3 backend can also be used to create very complex and secure backends for mobile apps and other applications. Almost any content can be output in different formats like JSON or similar.

18+ years of experience

500+ TYPO3 updates

10.000+ extension downloads

140+ customers

TYPO3 Freelancer Contact

Let's get in contact with professional TYPO3 Freelancer Simon Köhler right now.

What is a TYPO3 Freelancer?

A TYPO3 Freelancer works as an independent contractor for agencies or direct clients. He has profound knowledge in TYPO3, both in backend and frontend development, content management and SEO. Usually a TYPO3 Freelancer is paid by the hour or by the day. But calculated fixed prices, donations for open source software and projects on a commission basis are also possible. A TYPO3 Freelancer with enough experience can also restore outdated extensions, or perform complicated TYPO3 updates, as well as program new extensions and modules for TYPO3.