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What is TYPO3?

Most important Features at a Glance

Who uses TYPO3?

Many international companies use TYPO3 to market their services and products internationally. Especially forwarding agencies, transport companies, industrial and manufacturing companies rely on TYPO3 when it comes to creating a website with 10 or more languages. Also cities and municipalities, public authorities and tourism companies use TYPO3 because of the perfect integration of multilingual content.

Performance and Security

Impressive performance and security are trademarks of TYPO3. The proven caching mechanism makes your website available faster than other websites. Additional integration of Content Delivery Networks (CDN) is no problem. TYPO3 is regularly named in statistics as one of the most secure CM systems worldwide.

Marketing Possibilities

The enormous flexibility of TYPO3 leaves little to be desired for online marketers. The powerful backend enables the management of multiple websites (e.g. landing pages), the provision of content according to schedule, complete translation of all content into any number of languages and much more. Here TYPO3 shines above all with performance and clarity.

A single installation of TYPO3 managing several hundred websites is not uncommon.

The system also has a form framework with which one can create simple forms in a few minutes and even use them several times. For example, it is relatively easy to build landing pages for collecting data, or even entire sales funnels.

Teams can manage Content

The trainee may only manage a certain category in the news section of the website. The team leader, on the other hand, is allowed to manage all news articles. A product manager only manages products in the product database created specifically for the company. For each language of the website, there are different editors in different countries. All editors can use the backend in their native language. All news articles and product records are stored in the same backend (in the same database). This is a typical scenario for TYPO3's innovative user management.

TYPO3 grows with your business

Scalability is important. Rely on software that was created for the purpose of growing with your business. The vibrant community around the open source system has been providing thousands of extensions and regular security and feature updates for about 15 years.

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